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Rice Krispie Treats - Bella Dolci CookiesBella Dolci Cookies Rice Krispie Treats - Bella Dolci Cookies



Starting at $10/dozen

Rice Krispie Treats are a sweet dessert or snack made from Rice Krispies and other cereals.  There are many variations to the treat — adding caramel instead of marshmallows, adding condensed milk to the mixture before adding the Rice Krispies, using corn syrup and peanut butter, adding chocolate chips, nuts, flavoring agents, M&M’s and others.

We also provide S'more Rice Krispies Pinwheels. If you are interested, please mention.

$10 per dozen - Regular
$18 per dozen - Gourmet/Chocolate Dipped


About Chef

One of the most important aspects of MY cookie business is I want to become personally involved with my clients.  It helps me make their Special Day even more special.

Ann Vickers
Bella Dolci founder

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