How It Works

  1. After placing an order, you will see the option of downloading the appropriate Cookie Agreements.
  2. Ordering cookies will get you to the form where you can download the Cookie Agreement, OR you can go the Agreement Tab and fill out the appropriate form and someone from Bella Dolci Cookies will contact you.
  3. Fill out the appropriate form(s) – either the “Wedding” form or the “Special Event” form and upload it in the form.
  4. When filling out the form, please use the tab key to navigate to each question.
  5. After you have completed the form, please electronically sign it and then HIT the submit button.
  6. An email will then notify Bella Dolci Cookies that an order has been placed and the details of the submission.
  7. The customer will also be notified via email confirming that they have e-signed an agreement and that a representative of Bella Dolci Cookies will be contacting you.
  8. A representative from Bella Dolci Cookies will then contact you via email or phone to discuss the order and/or meet for a consult. If a consult is requested, you will then have the opportunity to pay the deposit at the time of the consult.
  9. If no consult is required, an invoice will be drafted and sent to you. You will have the opportunity to pay either by check or credit card. If paying by check, please make the check payable to “Bella Dolci Cookies.”