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Bella Dolci Cookies is located in the Charleroi area and is very proud and honored to serve you!

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Buon Giorno! Bella Dolci Cookies is located in the Charleroi area and is very proud to serve you. If you are interested in ordering our delicious gourmet Made-to-Order cookies and are located outside the Tri-State Area, please contact us prior to placing your order. If you like what we’re doing here, then please share this page using the button on the top right of your screen. Grazie!

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Up to 100 Miles - Free Delivery With Any Order Over $250 to Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Over 100 Miles - Receive 10% Discount With Any Order Over $250 (plus the Delivery Charge at .55/mile).

Hi Ann,

My name is John, I lived in New York half my life (Brooklyn) and the other half in New Jersey, I recently attended my cousins wedding this past Saturday in Pittsburgh, I notice all the pastries and cookies that were there, so I figured why not give them a try what's the worst that could happen, well I ate one, then two, then three, I gotta tell you Ann, I don't know who you are never met you before but your cookies and pastries were one of the best I have ever eaten, I have had pastries from bakeries all over New York and New Jersey and yours are up there with Ferrara's bakery in little Italy NYC to Carlos bakery in NJ, your rainbow cookies were outstanding, never thought I could have had cookies as good as yours in Pittsburgh. Keep up the good work, maybe one day you could expand in the NY-NJ area.

PS I don't give anybody reviews, but I needed to give you one, great job..

- John